Lifestyle Media & Communication

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Lifestyle Media & Communication

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UNIT-1 Foundation

  • Fundamentals of communication.
  • Effective writing & presentation.
  • Basics of lifestyle building & image projection.
  • Introduction to communication tools & its usage.
  • Introduction to mass media, digital platform and its effective usage.

UNIT-2 Culture & Communication

  • Visual culture & communication art
  • Lifestyle & digital culture.
  • Public relation & collaboration.
  • Social media & online communication.
  • Integrated marketing communication.
  • Creative direction in lifestyle & social media.

UNIT-3 Branding

  • Visual and emotional branding.
  • Editorial environment.
  • Luxury image & brand construction.
  • Finance and management control.

Unit-4 Course work

  • Critical analysis of communication and image projection of leading public figures and influencers from different domains.
  • Personal rebranding master project.

Optional Module

  • One month to basic six months course for advanced certification.
  • Creating magazine- content & context.
  • Art/media management & production.

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