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RLC provides robust and analytics tools to manage students, staff and faculty members. It provides real time analysis of the student's & faculty members performance. RLC also incorporates schools with workshops and seminars from time to time.


RLC provides outcome based learning solutions to the faculty members. RLC provides settings for classrooms, workshops and seminars, and a participatory approach to learning. RLC emphasis on the case study based method of teaching and learning.


Utilize the most robust and analytical career counselling system at your disposal to automate the process of guiding students. Students will be taking psychometric tests to understand their career inclination.


RLC provides parents with the real time data and activity of their wards, their performance in classes and in routine tests. This will help parents analyze the strength and weakness of their wards.

frequently asked questions

A learning management system (LMS) is software that helps in the overall administration of the school's learning process and streamlines classroom management. With an LMS portal, schools can manage documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of the school curriculum in a structured and engaging manner.

LMS software encompasses a variety of tools to enhance the quality of the learning-teaching process. Teachmint’s LMS features include a quality lesson planner, digital content, online and offline assessments, homework, study material sharing capabilities. In addition to this, Teachmint's LMS platform also offers an inbuilt live class feature with interactive tools like live polls, whiteboard, chat, etc.

The primary LMS benefits are that it helps teachers be more efficient and improves the learning outcome for students. Using LMS portal, Principals can track syllabus completion and the progress of individual students through powerful reporting and analytics. Teachmint's LMS enables learning even outside school hours via digital content and tools. Moreover, parents can have complete visibility of their children's learning journey with the help of a school LMS Platform.

A school ERP system is software that makes it easy for schools to manage the day to day administrative operations, maintain important data and automate tedious tasks. The powerful tools of a school ERP system simplify critical activities like fee records, attendance of students and staff, communication with parents, managing inventory and expenses, admission process and more. The primary benefit of ERP for schools is that heavy use of pen and registers are replaced with a few clicks of buttons that helps schools go paperless, reduce costs and errors.

Teachmint’s school ERP system is part of the integrated school platform offering. Teachmint provides the best school ERP software with a host of brilliant features that give all the benefits of a school ERP along with a modern and best in class user experience. Teachmint's ERP for schools includes fee management, admission management, attendance management, performance management, inventory management, staff leave management and so on.

The Student Information System simplifies and streamlines the management of student data in schools. Teachmint’s student information management system stores and manages the students' basic information (name, age, gender, parents' information, etc.), student attendance, academic achievements, fee payments and more. It allows schools to easily access student information without having to search through numerous registers and also adds key insights to help understand the student's performance.

An integrated school platform is a digital platform that combines the advantages of having a school ERP, school LMS and a digital content solutions all in one platform. The LMS helps teachers and students in teaching and learning, the ERP makes the administration streamlined, and the Digital Content provides students with an extra dimension to learning - simple-to-understand video content.

There are several software solutions in the market today for different practical applications when it comes to a school. While some are good at managing content, another one might be better at school management. However, an Integrated School Platform bridges the gap between school management and learning management by integrating LMS, ERP and content offerings all on the same platform.

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