Technical Textile

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Technical Textile

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UNIT-1. Introduction & Classification of Technical Textile

UNIT-2. Aerospace Textiles

  • Aircraft tech
  • Space textile
  • Protective Clothing

UNIT-3. Agro and Geo Textiles

  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Woven, Non-woven & Knitted Geo tech

UNIT-4 Automotive Textiles

  • Mobile Tech
  • Shipping ( Packaging) Tech
  • Railways

UNIT-5 Medical Textiles

  • Hygiene Tech
  • Medical Tech
  • Protective (anti-microbial, anti-bacterial)Tech

UNIT-6 Smart Textiles

  • Passive Smart Tech
  • Active Smart Tech
  • Ultra-Smart Tech

Axis Institute of Fashion Technology believes in preparing students beyond the traditional curriculums, which gives them an edge over others.
AIFT offers a course in Technical Textiles which is one segment growing rapidly due to modernization and technical advancement.
Technical textiles are manufactured goods with a clear purpose. They are constructed from both natural and synthetic fibres, and as a result, they have improved practical qualities including greater tenacity, superior insulation, improved thermal resistance, etc.

Numerous non-conventional textile sectors, including those in healthcare, building, transportation, aerospace, sports, defence, and agriculture, find end uses for these products. This transition from traditional to technology textiles is also visible in India's textile industry.
The development of specialty fibres and the widespread use of them indicate that the significance of technical textiles will continue to rise in the coming years.

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